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BPNG Webinars

Webinars held after April 2023 are free to view live. Recordings of those webinars are only available to BPNG members and are located in the Members Area of the website. If you are a BPNG member and are unable to access the Members Area of the website please contact 

February 2024 - Aluminium Contamination in PN: Time for Action HERE
This webinar, organised in partnership with the International Clinical Nutrition Section of ASPEN (ICNS) brings together experts from around the globe to review the potential toxic risk of Aluminium contamination in PN components and how this can be addressed in practice. Prof Kathy Gura (USA) and Prof Stefan Muhlebach (Switzerland) discuss the background to the US FDA mandate on Al levels is discussed and experiences of US Nutrition Support Teams in meeting the established Al limits will be shared. This webinar highlights the need for greater quality control and international regulation of Al in PN components.

March 2023 - Parenteral nutrition safety HERE
In this webinar Mitul Jadeja, Special Projects Manager at the MHRA, and Priya Mistry, Lead Pharmacist for Nutrition Support and IF at Southampton Hospitals, share information on adverse event reporting and patient safety incidents relating to parenteral nutrition.

January 2023 - Dry January: How is teduglutide changing SBS management? HERE
In this 1 hour webinar Dr Susan Hill and Rebecca Turner provide an update on the role of teduglutide in the management of short bower syndrome in adults and children.

October 2022 - In the bag or by the bedside - when additions can't be made to PN bags HERE
In this webinar Natalia Iglesias and Nina Taherzadeh talk through the aspects of medication adminsitration within and alongside parenteral nutrition.

September 2022 - Managing medicines in intestinal failure - Theory and practice HERE
In this 1 hour webinar Raj Badhan and Graeme Doherty discuss the theory and practical aspects of drug adminstration and absorption in patients with intestinal failure.

June 2022 - PN Stability - from theory to reality HERE
In this 1 hour webinar Tony Murphy and Venetia Sinchowitz expore PN stablity with a focus on paediatrics and light protection.

May 2022 - PN Multichamber bags - from bench to bedside HERE
In this 1 hour webinar Rebecca White and Uchu Meade explore aspects of multichamber bag design and use in practice.