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DNI & EFT Admin

In 2003 the BPNG led a working group to develop materials to support the safe adminsitration of medication via enteral feeding tubes. These materials are also still available on the BAPEN website.

The BPNG is committed to updating these materials in line with new guidance in 2019.
These materials, although dated, remain available as a template guide for healthcare professionals seeking to produce their own local resources.

Three resources were produced:
A patient information leaflet - this leaflet is intended for patients to support them with administration of medicaiton via an enteral feeding tube.
A GP and community pharmacist leaflet - this leaflet is intended to support GP's with appropraite prescribing and community pharmacist with appropraite supply of medication suitable for enteral tube administration.
A ward poster - this ward poster outlines the key considerations - please note that some of this information is out of date - it remains available here for reference.

Click on the images below to view the documents.